S o l o    E x h i b i t i o n s :


 2013  Outdoor Realities. Campton Gallery, New York City (catalog)


2011  Indoor Realities. Campton Gallery, New York City (catalog)


2009  Overcoming Stillness. Campton Gallery, New York City (catalog)


2006  Metamorphoses of Stillness. Campton Gallery, New York City (catalog)


2004  Pairs. Caldwell Snyder Gallery, New York City (catalog).


2001  Recent Paintings. Caldwell Snyder Gallery, New York City (catalog).


1999  Recent Paintings. Caldwell Snyder Gallery, New York City (catalog).


1998  New Paintings and prints. Bennett Galleries, Knoxville, Tennessee.

            Recent Paintings. Sailor Valentine's Gallery. Nantucket, Massachusetts.


1997 Daily Phenomena. Avery on Bond, NoHo, NYC.                                      

        New Paintings. Davidson Galleries. Seattle, Washington.


1996   New Works. Bennett Galleries, Knoxville, Tennessee.

            Pictures of Ordinary Life. Avery on Bond, NoHo, New York City.


1995   Central Park's Fairy Tales.  Synchronicity Space Gallery, SoHo, NYC.


S e l e c t e d   G r o u p   E x h i b i t i o n s :


2013  A Matter of Time. Bel-Air Fine art gallery, Geneva, Switzerland (catalog)


2012.  Dreaming on Earth. The oriel Gallery, Dublin, Ireland.

2012. Russian Spring. Medici Gallery, London, UK (catalog)

 2007  Caldwell Snyder Gallery. Great opening show, St. Helena, CA.


2003   ART Chicago. Caldwell Snyder Gallery, Chicago.

            20th Anniversary. Caldwell Snyder Gallery, San Francisco, NYC


 1997  Fine Art Auction. Lincoln Center, NYC (catalog).


1996   The World Bank. Washington, D.C.

Sailor Valentine's Gallery. Nantucket, Massachusetts .


1995   The Brookfield Gallery of Fine Arts, Massachusetts.

            Crossing Over. The RJR Nabisco Gallery, East Hanover, New Jersey.

            Phoenix Art Gallery. Topeka, Kansas.

            Animals and Art. Bennett Gallery, Knoxville, Tennessee.

            Sailor Valentine's Gallery. Nantucket, Massachusetts.

            FNARC, New York City.


1994   Sailor Valentine gallery, Nantucket, Massachusetts.


1993   From The Union No Longer, SoHo, NYC (catalog).


1992   Anna Howard Gallery, Connecticut.

           A Russian Affair, Princeton, New Jersey.


1991   Synchronicity Space Gallery, SoHo,  New York City.


1990   Prince Art Gallery, SoHo, New York City.

           Exhibition of 4 Artists. Anna Howard Gallery, Connecticut.



1987   National Museum of Art of Ukraine. Kiev, USSR.

            Youth of Country, Manege, Moscow, USSR.

            Exhibition of Young Artists. Kiev, USSR.



1979 1988 Participated throughout in various local and national exhibition and art shows.

Odessa and Kiev,  USSR.  




E d u c a t i o n :


                             Odessa State Art College, USSR (9/75 - 6/79).

Majored in fine arts.

                                    Odessa Art School, USSR (9/71-5/75)



M u s e u m  C o l l e c t i o n :


                            Knoxville Museum of Art. Knoxville, TN.



P u b l i c a t i o n s :


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Interview to TV channel "Culture" -  Russia. 2007.

Interview to WMNB (Russian-American Broadcasting Co.) 1995.

                                    Interview to WCCA - Cable 13 (Massachusetts) 1995.


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